The science is conclusive that we are contributing to global warming by our continuing use of fossil fuels. Yet we still have the doubters and deniers that refuse to believe the obvious, but given the facts that by using black energy as our main energy source we are polluting our rivers our oceans, all of the sea life and we’re polluting the air we breathe and the land that we grow our food on and all of these facts create health factors that cannot be accounted for but they are substantial and pervasive.  So whether man is contributing to global warming or not is a mute point.  The negative effects of black energy are reason enough to go to GREEN ENERGY.
We can no longer continue in our present direction. We must change our ways if we are to exist as a species. Our survival on planet earth is dependent upon our recognizing the problem and dealing with it immediately. The population is not getting smaller and the demand is not getting less. “Populution”, the pollution of people on the planet, will be the demise of the planet.
The mega-oil corporations have no right to continue to pollute our earth with abandon. What gives them the right to pursue personal avarice at the expense of our health and welfare. Corporations have no right to pollute, and risk our survival and the survival of our children.
This planet is ours and we don’t appreciate your poisoning of our air with fossil fuels and spreading silver-iodide in our skies for cloud seeding, and poisoning our plants with pesticides and polluting our rivers and oceans with your chemical contamination.
If you could figure the true cost of oil including the devastation to our planet and the cost of cleanup from oil spills and the cost to sea life and the cost to our health you would soon see the folly of pursuing this dead end.
This is OUR PLANET, OUR AIR, OUR EARTH AND OUR WATER and we will no longer tolerate the accumulation of wealth at the cost of our survival. What makes them think that they have the right to determine if we live or die. The science is in, we have the ability to provide renewable energy for the entire planet. clean energy, energy that you don’t have to disturb the earth for. You don’t have to drill holes in the ocean or top off mountains inWestVirginia Anyone or any government that manufactures products and disposes of the waste water in OUR RIVERS AND OCEANS must be able to have the people responsible and their families drink this water—or don’t make the product.