With regards to natural resources we have it ass backwards. I think the natural resources of a country belong to the people. We allow giant corporations to mine our resources, make a killing, and leave the land, our land, and move on to greener pastures. To allow the topping off of the mountains in West Virginia or the poisonous gasses to be released by coal fired plants, or to allow oil companies to pollute our oceans, and when a spill does happen and thousands of lives are disrupted or destroyed. They apologize and mitigate the problem, and more bullshit is manufactured to sell to the public to further their goal of more and more and more. We should share in the profits and if the big oil companies don’t like the idea, we can nationalize energy. That our corporations have the right to pollute our waters, our land and our air is all wrong. These are our waters, our land and our air and no one has a right, because of land or mineral rights or because of government permission to pollute. When someone is manufacturing a product and they use water in their process and they discharge this water back into the system, if the CEO and their family can’t drink this water, then don’t manufacture that product. Privatizing public utilities should not be allowed.