Health care in the United States is abysmal at best. We are the only industrialized country in the world without universal health care. Health care not dependent on how rich you are, but health care dependent on how sick you are and health care based on pro-active policies to reduce sickness. We do have a death panel in the United States and it is called the DOLLAR BILL. Over 50,000 people in the US die every year because they don’t have access to adequate healthcare. I have yet to meet anyone who can give me a good reason why a poor child shouldn’t receive as good of medical attention as a rich child. The top ten BIG PHARMA corporations in the fortune 500 are worth more than the other 490 fortune 500 companies combined. There is big money to be made in sickness and very little in the cure. There is an unlimited amount of money to be made be creating new drugs for you to ask your doctor about. The most amazing legal drug to come out is the sleep aid Lunesta. Besides driving at night or eating and not remembering what you did, you can become extremely depressed and even contemplate suicide. Amazing that a sleep aid can have so many bad side effects and still be legal and approved by our wonderful government, always watching out for us, for sure.
I can’t believe it when people think it is better to have the biggest corporations between you and your doctor than the government. Even an inept government like we have would do a much better job of regulating health care than these GREED MONGERS. It’s amazing how people can vote against their own best interest.. We all know someone that has had their lives ruined by excessive medical costs, yet we continue to believe in the capitalistic system to resolve problems of adequate health care for all. Health care is defiantly a growth industry, and as we keep living longer the strain on our health care system, based on a for profit platform, becomes obvious. Like our legal system, MONEY rules the roust in our health care system also. The more money and or insurance you have the better medical attention you get. It’s funny, I think most people get into the health care system because of a genuine passion to help people. The same is true of teachers and policemen and firemen and even attorney’s. They love what they do and unfortunately some occupations pay better dividends than others. But nonetheless most people pick their occupations for the love of the job and not for the love of money. We should take the best of what the other countries provide for their people and put together a health care plan that is the best for our people. We can no longer look the other way while the poor suffer the misfortune of not being taken care of because they don’t have enough money.