This blog is meant to be a Template for a New World Democratic Alliance and is loosely based on John Lennon’s song “Imagine.” Imagine no heaven, no religion, no countries or no possessions, I wonder if you can.

Principals of the New World Democratic Alliance1. WE ARE ONE PLANET











This New World Democratic Alliance will be guided by the axiom that we are ONE PLANET, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. That all people have an inaliable right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These rights of the people to determine their own destiny will not be infringed, or maligned or misconstrued, or limited, or controlled, by the best and the brightest. The people have a better sense of right and wrong than our present leaders or leaders of the past. I am proud to be an American, but I don’t base my identity on my place of birth. My identity is based on eclectic principals, where I take the best of what I’ve read and learned from all of the different cultures, and mix it all up in a culture stew. Yum Yum.
The countries that belong to the New World Democratic Alliance ( NWDA ) will be guided by basic democratic principals with a few nuances. This list will be added to as new ideas come to my mind and yours. Please add to the list in your commentary, this is meant to be a living document where change is encouraged.

Maybe it is time to stop the concentration of wealth. Maybe it is time to stop war. Maybe it is time to represent ourselves. Maybe it is time to stop the mega corporations from raping our earth. Maybe it’s time to live as a community again. Maybe it is time to share the resources of our planet. Maybe it is time to tell legal drug companies, and insurance company’s and the medical industry that money will no longer dictate who does and who doesn’t receive medical attention. Maybe it is time to tell governments that it is not their charge to dictate morality. Maybe it is time to restructure our society, understanding that no one is to be thought of less for not believing as they do. There are many paths towards the center, and diversity is what gives us strength not weakness. Maybe it is time to have a New World Order where equality is the rule, where Peace and Love replace war and division. Maybe with the Internet and all of the great ideas that are out there for positive change, that the time is right for a world wide evolution of man. There are so many great ideas out there on the Internet, it is simply mind-boggling and all of these ideas should be considered and put on the table for the assembly to review. Maybe this is the time to stop, look at how we are acting, and change our ways. Maybe it is time to OCCUPY THE WORLD, for social change, for economic parity, for justice, for the world to stand up and tell the powers that be that we want OUR planet back and we will peacefully demonstrate until the power brokers are broken and the rulers lose their dominions and wars are history and at the least, with all of the opportunities affording us, we join together to make our Zeitgeist as good as it can be.
Who am I, why am I doing this, and what are my credentials? I am a reflection of the movements that started in the sixties. The hope, the new equality, the new found freedoms, the new politics and the new ways of living are what have driven not only myself but a whole generation of people looking for alternative ways to live. I participated in the Viet Nam protest, watched as the people in Chicago at the 1968 democratic convention got beaten senselessly, saw on the news the four students that got killed at Kent State, and the two at Jackson State and I tried to make sense of it all. I listened to the music, I believe in Peace & Love, and I’ve tried to do what I can to follow these principals. I’m married, have 2.2 children and I am an artist. I don’t have a doctorate of anything or a masters degree. I almost graduated college. I really have no qualifications that would give me accreditation for what I am doing. So there you have it. I might not be as smart as some in the IQ way, but in the common sense and imagination way, I hold my own.  I have some good ideas that I think would make for a better world, and my ideas are no less valid than anyone else’s. This is meant to be a living document, to be changed as new ideas come into play, and to be rearranged as priorities change. Our New World has to be flexible and excepting of new ideas. Our Zeitgeist (our collective conscience) needs to be paid attention to. We will be judged be how well we take care of the disadvantaged in our respective societies, and to date we haven’t done a very good job of this. Like I said, I’ve had some good ideas over the years that I think should be shared. I am not under the illusion that any of my ideas will come to fruition, but if they do it will be the young and the young at heart, (because they don’t carry the stigma of the past) that will make the changes to make our world better. I always thought that it would make an interesting experiment to take twelve babies from twelve different ethnic groups and raise them as brothers and sisters. As in most families some would get along and some would get along less so, but they would still think of themselves as family, and their love is no less than that of biological families. We are a product of our environment, our culture and basically what we are taught as children. How many people of religious faith were born into it and how many people made a free will decision after studying all the major religions. I would venture to say that most are born into their religion, as they are their country, as they are their economic status. I have a line in one of my poems that goes like this. What if you took a child of Palestine and raised him as a Jew? He would grow up to be healthy, happy and very Hebrew. We are all brothers and sisters and when any of our family is suffering, so is the Zeitgeist of our community. Our communities over the past several decades have shrunk, we are aware of things happening in other parts of the world that 50 or 100 years ago it would have been impossible to know. To see what our corporations have done in other parts of the world in order to make a dollar makes me sick. A quick example of our imperial interference was in India when the Dow chemical corporation was producing the pesticide carboryl and they had an explosion that killed an estimated 25,000 people. They, the Dow chemical corporation mitigated the problem and gave the families of the victims a small amount of money to fulfill their legal obligation. Because we have been blessed with an abundance of natural resources, We have a responsibility to care for the less fortunate, it is not an option, it is incumbent on those with more to see that those with less are not the forgotten part of our communities, that they are fed, clothed, educated and that their health is provided for, is a minimum requirement of a civilized society.

I always hear from the adult world that the problems we encounter are always more complicated than I think. I would take the opposite approach and say that our problems and solutions are more simple than they think. We have the ability to start to make our world a better place, now all we need is the will.

So these are my ideas for a better and more just way to live in a world that is gradually becoming more and more dependent upon each other to survive.  Either we recognize this and deal with it in a fashion that is for the betterment of us all or the dark ages will surely return. As a matter of fact, we are still a bit in the dark ages.

Man has been tribal since the day one. We like to be around people with a similar background and mindset. It gives us comfort, and a feeling that we are not alone. Our tribes are  religious, or our countries, or our ethnicity, or our color, or our economic background, or political, or intellectual, or by birth, the list is endless. We have never left the tribal state, and it’s time for man to evolve into a more human man. Our time has come for all of the people of the world to organize into a New World Order. We have been subjected to the dogma of division too long. We cannot not allow the GREED MONGERS to determine the course for our planet anymore.  The powers that be have failed in this mission miserably.
What right do we have to try and determine our future, and how can we be sure that our way is better? We are only average, the workers, the people with common sense, the people that find solace in the arts or in music or in nature but not only in material acquisitions. We are the soul of man, the people that cry for fairness, or food for their starving children, or for a little peace,or for a moment in the sun. Although the Entitled, the Wealthy, the Gifted, the Best and the Brightest would like you to think they know better, and because either they have the money or the power, they try and control the masses.  Many different forms of government have been devised over the eons, some better than others, some more just, and some less so. We can take the best from what we’ve learned throughout our tenure on planet earth and devise a new way to deal with our world and its problems. It is truly time to learn from history and stop repeating our mistakes. One definition for insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  Well that’s what we’ve been doing since we’ve been here. Our right to determine our own future is an inalienable right of all people.

Nature has always been a formidable force to deal with here on planet Earth, but with what man is doing to himself and the earth in a destructive and parasitic way, nature pales. If we are going to survive as a species, dramatic changes have to be made and to insure that these changes are made, we have to rearrange our priorities, we have to stand up, recognizing that we are a SOCIAL ORDER and do what is best for our survival and that of our planet. We have a society, like all societies before us, that have a small group or individual that tries to control the people. A small group of elitist or royals or industrialist or bankers or politicians, and they keep on limiting the power of the people for their own advantage.  Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. If we could have benevolent dictators all over the world at once maybe we could advance the Human Race and our problems would have a better chance of being resolved for the betterment of us all. However, anyone who is truly benevolent would never assume that this benevolent power bequeathed on him would transfer to the people with the same good intentions as originally intended. People seem to lose their grasp of reality when they think that they have power over others. No one knows what is best for everyone, so societies have tried having a representative form of government, hoping that these leaders will represent their best interest. But as evidenced, politicians seem to represent their own best interest. This is only human nature, and apparently par for the course.  We need a truly representative form of government, not a government that serves the few at the expense of the many.
When the astronauts first went up into space the first thing they marveled at was that OUR planet was just that, ONE planet.  They couldn’t believe how beautiful our planet is, and indeed it is.  Our planet has been providing for us since we’ve been here. We haven’t been here very long and we haven’t been very good stewards of our planet, let alone good stewards of ourselves.  Nature has always been a force to deal with, but with all of the fighting and killing and destruction we spend our time on and our resources, let alone the cost to human life, we should be able to find better ways to live on this planet.  We should learn from our mistakes, and not look the other way when obstacles are presented to us, but confront problems with the clear vision that our decisions are the right thing to do for the planet, and the right thing to do for our people.  I always find it amusing when people talk about their country being the best and exceptional and their patriotism lights up the room.  I think people in every country feel they are exceptional, and truly every country at some point in their development was exceptional.  There are a few things we have learned from our present world economy and the first thing is that the economic structure hasn’t changed, the workers are still being exploited and not being allowed, by the powers that be, to share in the fruits of their labors.  I’ve always been amazed when someone from another country can buy up mineral rights or claims, hire the indigenous people, pay them a pittance, and reap huge profits from the resources of their country.

To all of the people that earn a living by manipulating money, transferring money from here to there, betting on mans misery, betting on drought or mineral resources, betting on anything that will make them more and more and more money, your time has come.  If all the money mongers out there keep consolidating the wealth into fewer and fewer hands, and the people ever wake up they’ll realize they’ve been duped, they’ll stand up for themselves, their people and their planet. So to all you hedge fund operators and wall street wizards and bankers and corporations, take notice, this is our planet and we don’t appreciate the way your treating it, and concentrating the wealth and we want our planet back.  No longer to be controlled by the Elite, the Bankers or the corporations. All of the earnings, wages and bonuses of the wealthy need to be taxed at a different rate, a much higher rate, up to 100 percent for the zillionaires. They’ll still have a Mercedes, but they might have to make payments- – – SO SAD. But then they’ll feel much better knowing that they’ve contributed their share for the betterment of the community.

I have nothing against anyone on this planet, we are them and they are us. Our National interest in foreign countries is a sham, it’s not in your interest or mine, but in the giant corporations interest, and our government protects their interest and not ours.  These corporations determine how we energize our country, how we take care of the less fortunate, what we want, what we need, how we should be or shouldn’t, and now what we hear or don’t or want to or won’t, and whether our planet will survive their abandonment of compassion and empathy for the “God Almighty Dollar”, only time will tell. But when you see the possibilities for positive change that are all around us and we have the ability to accomplish these goals, and yet we allow these giant corporations to spin the truth, and tell us that this is the way it has to be. But It doesn’t have to be their way.  There are a lot more of us than them.  The wealthy, the power moguls, the industrialist, the war machine stay in control because they use the axiom of “Divide and Conquer.” They love division, it brings in the big bucks, War and all.

Whether it’s black against white or brown against yellow or men against women or our country against theirs or religion against religion, they love division. They feed it and encourage it. We are all basically the same, and if not but for fortune, we could be walking in someone else’s shoes. It would help with communication if we had an international language. I think we should have an international sign language that is taught to all children around the world.

Wouldn’t it be great if no matter where you went in the world you could communicate. All the people of the world have so much in common, but all we seem to do is accentuate the differences.  All we want to do is live in peace, feed, clothe and educate our children. All of our problems are solvable.  We have many more solutions than we have problems, but greed seems to get in the way of doing what’s best for us all. America today is truly exceptional in only two areas GREED and WAR.  To let a few wealthy people control the direction of our planet is absurd. All great society’s have fallen because they’ve failed to change when change was the only correct course. Because the people in charge have only their own selfish interest in mind. All governments need to be democratic, but truly democratic, and truly representative. Any change that is to be made must be accomplished by a peaceful and non-violent approach in the manner of Ghandi and Mandela and King Jr.